Cookies & Raisins

The latest addition to our Tiramisu family is a twist to the traditional Rum & Raisin flavor. Plump and soft golden raisins soaked in rum are scattered atop a bed of crushed caramelized biscuits. Beneath this decadent surface lies moist alternating layers of lady’s finger biscuits soaked in our signature espresso with a tinge of orange juice and complementary mascarpone cheese. 

The Cookies & Raisins has a crispy, yet soft and moist mouthfeel accompanied by explosive rum taste with each bite of raisins and throughout the tiramisu layers. A definite must-try among rum & raisin lovers!

For smaller slices, please visit us at our store at Clarke Quay Central or send us a WhatsApp/SMS @ 9389 8582.
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Cake Size
  • Piccolo (250 gm)
  • Half Slab (500gm)
  • 7” Cake (1kg)
  • 10” Cake (2kg)
Alcohol Option
  • Regular Alcohol
Customized Chocolate Plaque
  • No
  • Yes (SGD 3)
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